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Sociopath December 14, 2012

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Check out this link:

I find this oddly intriguing.  Some of us can know someone who is a sociopath and not even know it.  Once you realize, so many things make sense that never did before.  You see why this person did certain things, why YOU may have done certain things while associating with this person and why you are better off without him/her.  The closer you are to a sociopath, the more influence and in some ways CONTROL they have over you and you can be completely blind to it.  These people are toxic.  They only think of themselves but can easily make you think otherwise.  I know this because I know a sociopath and for 6 years I called her my best friend.  It wasn’t until another friend pointed out a few things about her in a way no one else had before, that I realized how wrong I was about our friendship.  I distanced myself from her and analyzed things and then decided to completely cut her out of my life.  She had been negatively effecting my life for a long time and I just didn’t see it.  I had been tricked into doing and saying so many things that I never would have on my own and ever since she has been out of my life I feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I feel like a better person.

Ways to tell if you have a sociopath as a “friend”

-They will say and do disrespectful things to you and never apologize

-They will influence you to do bad things to other people and then convince you that there’s nothing wrong with that.

-They lie to everyone about just about anything to get their way or to get out of something

-They always have to be in control…you have little say in what you do together.  You feel like you are always doing what he/she wants to do

-You avoid telling them when they upset you just to avoid the way they will act if you do

-They demand so much of you and you are always going out of your way for them but they don’t do the same for you.

-They steal from you and then lie about it

-They always have an excuse for everything

-They exaggerate things and make up stories

-When you argue you can never win, you are always wrong and always made to feel guilty

-They are there when you are down or upset and even though there are things you don’t like that this person does, you ignore those things because they were there for you during those times…..the thing is that they weren’t there for you, they were there for themselves and once you realize that, everything else becomes clearer.


I don’t feel as though I have lost a friend, but I have rather gained a new outlook on friendship.  It is sad, but I know I have done what is best for me.  I have other great friends who have morals and treat me so much better.  Those are the people I want to spend my time with.



3 Responses to “Sociopath”

  1. This is so true Lauren and I agree with everthing said and in fact I have learned something importaint today reading this. What a true friend you are to me and I will always be the same to you because it’s sometimes hard for me to find a true friend like you who accually cares and for that I love you and what a true blessing you have always been to me. I am so glad I choose to put you in my life best decision I ever made and you will have my love and prayers always.

    • larenar13 Says:

      Thank you Austin! You are such a sweetheart

      • your welcome :Lauren your one of my best friends and I know you have been through so much but I’m always a call away day/night for anything and even tho I wish we did not live so far away from each other I’m always willing to come down to take care of you even if you just need someone to talk to because I love you and care for you and despite everything I just want to thank you for always being there for me it truly means a lot to me and I don’t know what I would ever do without you.

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