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Satisfied Customer February 22, 2013

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Yesterday at work a guy (who also happened to be a patient of ours) came to wash my co-workers’ cars.  I asked if I could have mine done as well.  Since this was not originally planned, the guy had to leave for an interview after only just starting my car.  He apologized and promised he would be back after to finish the job.  He did return later and at 5:00 he told me that he didn’t want to rush and he did not want me to have to wait around.  He offered to finish at my house, which he did.  He worked in the cold until after dark and then refused to take my payment because of the inconvenience.  The guy is very young and I was surprised by his willingness to go out of his way to get the job done.  He made sure that he did not leave the job unfinished.  I am impressed by this young man’s attitude and work ethic.  I wanted to still pay him because he had done such a wonderful job and he really went above and beyond to please me, but he would not take my money.  This boy is only 18 years old, runs his own business and is very professional.  I would recommend his services to anyone.  This just goes to show that there really are decent people still around and not all young people are the same. 

Name: Darius

Company: 5 Star Mobile Detailing


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