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In Loving Memory March 8, 2013

Filed under: Relationships — larenar13 @ 5:04 am

Heaven gained a beautiful new angel today.  Her name is Sheila.  She was not only my mother’s best friend but she was like a second mom to me.  I’m still trying to completely grasp the fact that she is really gone.  It breaks my heart that someone so caring and kind and strong has had to go through what she did.  She was diagnosed with cancer less than 5 months ago.  While I knew that this day would come, I prayed that it would not be this soon.  I have so many great memories with her and I will cherish them forever.  My mom has lost her dearest friend and I don’t know what to say or do to help her.  I guess only time will heal us all.  Sheila touched so many people’s lives and she was such an amazing person.  I miss her so much already and I pray for all of her loved ones including my family during this really difficult time.  May God give us strength.  Image


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