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Disappointment March 13, 2013

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So on March 1st, Kacy, Megan, and I went to look at houses for rent.  The agent took us to 4 different properties and we ended up finding the perfect house.  Although it wasn’t in the ideal area we wanted, it had everything else we desired and the price was just right.  The house was available immediately and they needed someone to move in ASAP, which we explained wasn’t a problem.  We all applied ($60 each) and anxiously awaited the results of our credit checks.  The realtor told us that it would take 24 to 48 hours to process.  I began my search for furniture since we would need to move in soon and I purchased a couch, love seat, tables, shelves, and a television.  We waited over three days with no word from the realtor.  We each called and left messages and only one of us got a call back…after day 4, only to find out that even though we all have perfect credit and were approved, there were another set of applications that came in the previous day so they were awaiting the results of those credit checks.  I thought it odd that they accepted applications AFTER we were already approved, but at the time i wasn’t exactly sure how this kind of thing works.  But the realtor assured us that we probably had nothing to worry about.  So two more days went by with no word.  Then on Saturday Kacy received a TEXT from the realtor saying that we would definitely know the next day.  So on sunday, to my dismay, we (actually just Kacy) received word that we did not get the house.  The reason why was because the other applicants wanted to RENT to OWN the home.  I was livid.  We were aware that was an option, however the realtor never discussed that with us or asked if we were interested.  I assumed that would be discussed when we met to sign the lease.  I feel as though we were discriminated against due to our age and we were not treated fairly.  The realtor failed to return our calls several times and was not clear about specific details.  She led us to believe that we were going to get the house and we wasted not only $180 but a whole week’s time that we could’ve spent looking for another house.  I was extremely disappointed and I am now discouraged.  What if this happens again?  What if we keep throwing away money to apply for houses and then they decide they don’t want 3 young girls to live there.  We all have excellent credit, good jobs and make good incomes.  House hunting is so stressful and I really thought it was going to be over, but here we are back to square one.  I hope that we do find another house that we all love and we are able to move into before this summer.  I have to figure out where to store all of the furniture i purchased until then.  Maybe it was for the best.  Maybe we will find a house that is even better than that one.  I’m trying to stay positive but it is frustrating and very time consuming.  Ughhh.  I can’t wait until it is over and we are settled into a new home.  Me and my best friends!  


One Response to “Disappointment”

  1. I feel your pain Lauren and I feel so bad you where treated like that your too good of a person to treated like that. I hope you find a place soon just remember to keep your head of babe everything will work for the best I’ll be praying on it girl love ya always xoxoxoxoxoxo

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