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Can’t Shake You March 17, 2013

Filed under: Goals,Relationships — larenar13 @ 10:20 am

I heard this song for the first time tonight. It only took me listening to a few lyrics to fall completely in love with it. Not only is it a beautiful song with a realistic meaning but I can relate to it 100%. I obviously can’t shake Matt, even though it has been over a year. I have tried half-heartedly to shake him off and to move on, but I never really WANTED to. Even though it may not make sense to anyone else, I know that I would rather be alone than with anyone other than him…so here I am waiting. I will continue to wait as long as it takes. Does it hurt? Hell yes! Does it make me look crazy, stupid, foolish? Yes! Do I care? No, because for the first time in my whole life I am doing something solely because it’s what I want and not because of what anyone else wants. Even though it hurts, it feels so good at the same time. It’s worth it to me. HE is worth it to me.


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