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Long Day April 18, 2013

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I felt like today was so looong.  My boss, Dr. G was not in a good mood this morning and when that happens it puts us all in a crappy mood.  She was breathing down our necks and criticizing everything we said and did.  I hate when she gets like that.  The afternoon wasn’t as bad mainly because I wasn’t in the operatory working with her.  She seemed to be in a slightly better mood as well. 
After work we had a cpr class I stayed for to renew my certification.  It didn’t start until 6:00 so we just hung out for an hour and ate delivery food from Pizza Hut.  I was weary about it at first because their food usually doesnt agree with me but I was so hungry I ate it anyways. Then the instructor showed up a half hour late.  We didnt finish up until 8:00 but it felt like we were there foreverrr because this guy was so boring. 
I planned on going to pick up some furniture that I purchased off of craigslist so when I left work I picked up my friend Nick and he went with me to get it.  We started talking about various things during the drive back and as always Matt was brought up.  So when I dropped him off I began to get really emotional.  I called my friend Megan and she helped me calm down.  I’m so glad I have such a great friend! 
Unfortunately, it was indeed a bad idea to eat the Pizza Hut food because my stomach has been upset ever since.  Oh well.  I won’t be making that mistake again. 
When I got home I was about to fall asleep when my friend Heather messaged me on facebook asking if she could call me because she needed to talk to someone.  I of course said yes but we ended up talking on the phone for an hour and a half just about life, love and our futures.  It’s always great talking to her but after that I wasn’t even tired anymore…so I am here now typing this post. 
It is really late and I know if I dont stop now I will continue to ramble on.  This day has been way too long already so I better try to sleep at least some tonight before work in the morning. 


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