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Overworked and Worried April 19, 2013

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I haven’t been very productive today to say the least.  I was in bed until around 4:00 with a migraine that started last night.  I was supposed to meet Dr. G at 1:00 to give her the finished product of a project she had me do for her Hindu temple….yayy :/  That was exactly what I wanted to do all day and last night.  NOT!  But I guess I will have to give it to her tomorrow.
Last night got even worse when my dad called saying my mom was in the emergency room AGAIN.  Like me, my mom gets kidney stones.  She had Lithotripsy done on wednesday which is where they use a machine that sends waves through your body to break up the stone.  She had already been to the ER once since then because she was in pain and couldn’t keep anything down.  My dad called me back an hour later to inform me that my mom was being rushed into emergency surgery because she has Sepsis.  She had somehow developed a serious infection and now they needed to operate to help get rid of it.  I was extremely worried.  The procedure didnt take long and I drove up to the hoapital to see her.  She looked a lot better and wasn’t in as much pain.  I felt relieved but was still worried about her.  Of course I hate seeing my mom suffer.  I didn’t get home until after 1am and I was exhausted.
I had also talked to my sister before going up to the hospital.  She told me that for no reason she had passed out that afternoon.  She has a past history with fainting but it hasn’t happened in a really long time.  That makes me nervous because she is pregnant.  Hopefully nothing like that happens again.
I am praying for them both and I hope everything turns out okay.
Now it’s storming pretty bad outside, which doesnt help my mood.  Maybe tomorrow will be better.


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  1. You haven’t left my mind and neither has your mother even since she was sent to the hospital and I am continuing to pray for the both of you and also for your sister. I love you so much and I want you to know that there is never anything I would not do for you or for your family your the best friend I could ever ask for and no amount of trouble is ever too much trouble for you Lauren because a friend like you is worth all the trouble in the world.

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