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Achieving Goals April 21, 2013

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Over the past few months I have set several goals for myself, goals which will make me a better person.  So far I have achieved many of them

-I quit smoking almost 6 months ago

-I cut people out of my life who were not good for me.  Even my best friend of 8 years.  She was a very negative influence and I didn’t like who I became around her.  

-I have made new friends who are caring, supportive, and trustworthy.  They have great morals and encourage me to be my best.

-I avoid the downtown Richmond scene because I do not gain anything at all by being around those type of people.  Alcoholics.  Fakes.  Drama Queens.

-I have started reading the bible and familiarizing myself with several inspiring and motivational verses that help lift my spirits.

-I have been able to handle stress much better and I rarely get panic attacks.  The only time I get really upset is when I think too much about Matt.  Of course he is on my mind all the time, but when I spend long periods of time dwelling on it I get extremely emotional.

-I have been successful in school.  I didn’t quit halfway through any classes and I managed to obtain a 4.0 GPA without any accommodations.  

-I have been on the hunt for a new home and I was able to find a charming 3br house in Chester.  Kacy and I will be moving in one week.

-I have become a more honest person.  I don’t lie or cheat.  I want people to know me for who I am and not who I pretend to me.  

-I have managed to accept my faults and my mistakes and to take responsibility for them.  No excuses. No blaming anything or anyone else.  I have rid myself of all negativity in my life and now see things with a different perspective. I was wrong and I do not like the person i became.  I am no longer that person.  

-I have not seen a therapist in months and have been able to cope well with my stress.  This blog is my outlet.  I can share how I feel and be completely honest.  

There are still some goals that I plan to achieve in the near future:

-I only have 3 classes to complete before I can apply to Dental Hygiene School.  I have found a school much closer, near Norfolk so I won’t be far away and I can stay with my cousin Mitchell.  I plan to apply next January.

-I want to start attending church every Sunday.  There is a Catholic church very close to wear I am moving so I plan to go there.

-Once I am settled into my new home, I will start going to a gym nearby.  Exercise is great for relieving stress and it helps with my overall health.

-I plan to start cooking each evening instead of eating out.  It is both healthier and less expensive.  I want to experiment with new recipes and learn to be a better cook.

-I want to spend more time at home.  Now that I will have my own home I will save a lot of money by staying in rather than always staying gone like I do now.  I will also be closer to the places I go the most.

-MOST of all, I will continue to hope and pray for a future with Matthew.  I will NOT give up and I will work to create ideas to help me see and talk to him.  My ultimate goal is to prove to him that I have changed and that he can trust me.  I know he is still hurt by what I have done but he deserves to be happy again and I want to be the person who helps that happen.  I want to alleviate the worry and doubt in his mind about love.  It is real and it is worth it and I am willing to do whatever it takes to prove that. 


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