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Busy Bee June 4, 2013

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It has been such a busy couple of weeks.  I am spending most of my evenings either in class or studying.  I got 92% on my first quiz in Chemistry and 99% on my first speech in public speaking tonight.  I was very nervous but hopefully this class will alleviate a lot of my anxiety about speaking in front of people.
Memorial Day weekend was really nice.  I got to spend it with most of my favorite people.  Although the weather wasn’t as warm as I had hoped I still managed to get sunburnt.  Nothing super exciting happened but it was great to get away and just relax for a few days.
Last weekend started off slow but got better as it went on.  I worked friday so I didn’t feel like doing much that night.  I just stayed home and drank wine.  Saturday I wanted to go to the river in Richmond but Kacy was being a slow poke so that didnt work out.  Oh well.  I decided to be spontaneous and take a last minute trip to Virginia Beach which ended up being really fun.  Then my weeked wound down when I had to get my presentation done for my speech.
I got a little upset while randomly scrolling through my facebook photos today.  I was just killing time in the John Tyler parking lot before class.  The photos of Matthew and I brought tears to my eyes.  I quickly got a hold of myself because I didnt want that on my mind when I was giving my speech.  But the intense amount of emotion that I feel whenever I look at pictures of the two of us is something that I both love and hate.  I hate that it hurts so bad but I love that I have such amazing memories with such an amazing person.
Im still getting used to living in my new house but I really like it.  Kacy is a great roommate and the house is perfect for us.  I only wish that it were closer to Chdsterfield but I am still very happy with it.
This is my late night post for the week. Haha I will try to make time to post more soon.  As for right now, it’s bed time!


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  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful time in Virginia beach I have been a very busy person myself with work especially being a small business owner these days are really hard but I think I hav it under control. I’m so proud I’m proud of you with your classes you are a very smart person and I knew you would do great lets make some plans sometime soon whatever you like still praying for you everyday your a true gods blessing to me and I’m sorry it’s been so long since iv seen you and I want you to know you are always very important to me everyday.

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