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Been a Long Time June 24, 2013

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Wow.  I think this is the longest I’ve gone without posting something.  Horoscopes don’t count of course!  I guess I have been doing a pretty good job at juggling work, school, and taking care of things around the house.  Of course I do wish I had a few more hours in each day and I’d like to be able to keep up with my favorite shows on tv.  Im so glad we have on demand and HBO so that helps a lot.
Right now I’m just hanging out in my car in the JTCC parking lot.  I’m glad that I have an hour to just relax before class every monday and wednesday.  I’m surprised at how well I have been doing in my classes.  I have gotten all A’s so far. 
It sucks that it’s so hot and humid outside.  I wish I were at a pool right now.  Instead I’m sitting in my car typing away on my galaxy s3 with the AC on full blast and listening to country music on the radio.  As always, every song I hear reminds me of Matthew and I’ve already cried twice since I left work an hour ago.  I don’t mind.  I always love thinking about him 🙂 
I should’ve picked up a Red Bull on the way here bc my eye lids are feeling a bit heavy.  Once I get in class I should wake up a lot more.  This class is anything but boring and I actually enjoy it. 
Well I think I have fixed my blogging withdrawals for now.  Off to class I go!


2 Responses to “Been a Long Time”

  1. So happy to hear school has been going great for you and that you like your new house I deff need to plan a trip one weekend to censer your new place and catch up on everything your so smart Lauren and the sweetest person in the world and I’m so happy our paths crossed a couple years ago. Talk to you soon you know I’m always here for anything take care babe.

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