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Car Trouble :( July 17, 2013

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I have learned another important lesson this week…
Last weekend I planned on driving to Virginia Beach on Sunday.  I knew I needed my oil changed and I decided to have my best friend’s brother Steven do it for me instead of paying to take it somewhere. Bad idea.  I thought I was saving some money.  He came and changed it for me Saturday evening and I got up Sunday and began my trip to the beach.  About 40 mins down the road I saw my oil light come on.  I tried to call Steven to see what that meant.  No answer.  So I text him asking why that would be on.  He replied “it shouldn’t be”  So I pull over into a gas station and pop the hood.  I immediately check the oil.  There was no oil on the dipstick!  An off duty policeman came up to me and asked if I needex help.  When he glanced under the hood of my car he told me that my oil had leaked out.  He then called a local tow truck driver to come.  I waited for what seemed like forever.  Finally he arrived and brought me and my car back to my parents house where my friend Chris was waiting to take me home.  It cost me $160 just for the tow back.  Before we left, Chris took a look under the hood.  The oil cap was on properly so he put some oil in to see where it was coming out at.  When he started my car we could hear the oil squirting out….out of the oil filter which Steven had put on wrong.  Great.  Not only did all my oil leak out while I was driving but it also caused my engine to start knocking.  I called my friend Adam who works at Lexus to see what he thought.  He told me he could come the next day to look at it.  When he came, he brought a brand new filter and oil.  After putting that in he turned on my car and the knocking was still there.  He asked me what kind of oil was put in there so I showed him the receipt from Auto Zone where we got the oil.  Turns out Steven put the wrong kind of oil in my car too which contributed to the problem.  Adam wasn’t able to determine what the exact problem was with my engine because he didnt have the right tools with him and he wasn’t in a shop. I will now need to have my car towed yet again to a shop where the problem can be diagnosed and fixed if possible.  Awesome.  I wonder how much more I’ll have to spend.  I alread paid $156 for a rental car for 2 days.  My parents drove back here yesterday during the middle of their vacation in order to pick up my dad’s truck and leave me their Escape to drive until my car is fixed.  I’m so angry.  Not only at Steven, who claimed to know how to do that and I believed him because he just graduated from an auto deisel tech college. But im also angry at myself for not taking my car to a professional business.  I tried to save a few dollars and ended up spending a fortune and having my car damaged by someone who obviously didnt know what he was doing.  I will not make that mistake again. Just another reminder of how much things have changed without Matt in my life. He is the reason why I bought a Toyota in the first place and I never had to worry about my car not being worked on correctly. He’s way more intelligent than he thinks he is and he is very good at everything he does. He’s amazing. Period. Matt would not have allowed this to happen. This is only one small thing I miss about him amongst so many other things.
I hope wherever my car is taken that it will be in good hands.


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  1. I am truly so sorry to hear this Lauren I read this whole thing it makes me cry so much your the last person to ever deserve this. I am here for you if you need me for anything I should not be more than an hour drive away. Stay strong Lauren I have faith in you. I love you babe.

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