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An A Student July 31, 2013

Filed under: Goals — larenar13 @ 4:36 am

The summer semester is finally over.  Wheew! I feel like the last few weeks I have done nothing but school work.  It’s worth it though.  I received an A in both classes so I still have a 4.0 GPA.  Now I have 3 weeks to relax before the fall semester.  I will be taking my last 2 prerequisites before I can apply for Dental Hygiene school in January. They are both tough classes so I hope it’s not too much for me.  Microbiology and Anatomy & Physiology II.  Good luck to me.
I wish I could walk into Matthew’s house and tell him about school and see him smile and tell me he’s proud of me.  I wish for a lot of things…Maybe one day I can make him smile again, one day he will actually look at me again or love me again or at least talk to me again.  God, that would be amazing. 


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  1. congratulations Lauren I am so proud of you I knew you could do it .

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