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So far today…. November 6, 2013

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I’m feeling really impatient today. I had my third exam in my Anatomy & Pysiology II class on monday.  Ever since then I have been waiting to find out how I did on it.  I’m so anxious!  I hope that I did well.  I have class again in 20 mins so hopefully he will give us our grades tonight.  I have another exam tomorrow for Microbiology….I’m really nervous about that one.  I spent all weekend studying for my other exam so I don’t have as much time to study for this one.  I will have to do nothing but study after class tonight and during lunch tomorrow. 

I have thought a lot about Sarah today. She kept popping into my mind at random times.  I hope that means that she has been here with me and is looking out for me.  I miss her so much and I wish that I could talk to her.  She always had a way of making me smile even when I didn’t want to.  I wonder how things would be if she were still here…..

I also just talked to my mom a few minutes ago.  She told me that my sister had a Dr’s appointment today.  Her blood pressure was high and she was told that if it is still high by next week she will be induced next thursday!  If not then she will be induced the following thursday.  This means that baby Madison will be here sooner than I thought…only by a couple weeks but still early.  I am excited and nervous.  I will officially be an aunt before Thanksgiving! 

I’m a little worried about Megan too.  She has been in and out of the hospital during the past couple months.  I really hope they can figure out what is wrong and get her healthy again.  I’m so proud of her.  She is in cosmotology school and has a great job now.  She is doing so well and I’d hate to see her health hold her back. 

Well it’s time for me to head to class.  I can’t wait to find out my exam grade.  I’m crossing my fingers! 


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