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Pisces horoscope for Nov 8 2013 November 8, 2013

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Pisces horoscope for Nov 8 2013
A stress-inducing situation may be unfolding in your life. If so, it could be causing you a lot of unnecessary angst. The more nervous and worried you get, the worse you feel. And the worse you feel, the more you worry. What you need to do instead of squandering all that energy on the negative is to pour it into positive thoughts and affirmations. All is not lost, Pisces. In fact, the universe is beginning to shine a golden light down on you. If you make a conscious choice to accept only good thoughts and to cancel out any negative thoughts you will find that your state of mind – and your situation – will get better and better.

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I sure hope so. Most of the thoughts running through my head are negative. Not about my family, work, school, etc. But about the one thing I strive for…happiness. My life is good for the most part, but I’m constantly reminded lately of how I should be entering the next phase of my life. I’m almost 26 years old. When people ask me how old I am they are always surprised that I’m older than they guessed. I guess that should make me feel good that I look younger than I am. It actually makes me think about how I’m supposed to be moving on with my life instead of being at the same level as these younger people. There are a bunch of girls at work who are younger than me that have a husband and children. I’m the only one who is alone. I feel like I’m running out of time. I know that sounds crazy but life is short and I could be enjoying my life right now with the one I love and possibly a family of my own but instead im sitting around waiting for that to MAYBE happen one day. That makes it very hard to think positive. I am going to try though.


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