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Proverbs 20:30 November 8, 2013

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I don’t think I ever posted anything about my most recent tattoo which is odd.  I’ve had it for about 5 months now.  This tattoo, like the others, means a lot to me.  None of my tattoos are pointless or were done spontaneously.  They all have special meaning and none of them would be found on the internet or in some book at the tattoo shop.  I like them to be origional and unique. 
This tattoo represents my life and the lessons I have learned.  I have had a rough past few years and I have lost so much during that time.  But I am strong willed and I will always persevere. 
I happened upon this bible verse one day and it fit me perfectly.  I wanted to get something that would relate to everything I have been going through for the past couple of years.  I’m extremely proud of myself for learning from my mistakes and working to change and become a better person.  In the process I have learned so much and grown up a great deal.  It is very true that a painful situation has made me change my ways. I am still growing and changing and trying to become the best I can be.  I hate what I did in the past and I wish that i could make it all go away but I can’t.  The only thing i can do is take responsibility for it, apologize, and learn from it to help me in the future. 


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