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It’s A Girl! November 13, 2013

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After spending 10 long hours at the hospital today, I finally got to meet my beautiful baby niece.  She is absolutely perfect.  I fell in love right away. 
I arrived at the hospital around noon today and waited along with a group of other anxious friends and family members.  My sister had a fairly quick and uncomplicated labor.  Madison Nicole Wallace was born at 4:22pm at 6lbs 1oz & 19in long.
Right as Madison was born, Jacqueline was also admitted and is to be induced tomorrow morning.  The baby cousins will be one day apart, as origionally planned.  That is so amazing! 
I cannot express how wonderful it was to hold such a miracle in my arms.  I can hardly believe I’m now an aunt.  There are so many awesome memories ahead with her and I cannot wait to spend as much time with her as I can. 
I truly hope that one day I will be able to experience the feeling of having a child of my own.  If or when that day comes, I know my sister will be there for me just as I am here for her now. 
Today is a very special day for all our family and friends and even though it felt like we have been waiting forever for her, Madison was definitely worth the wait!
Btw she has a pretty awesome birthday as well. 11-12-13
I’m going to visit again tomorrow.  Right now I really need to rest. 


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