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What A Day November 14, 2013

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Today has been quite eventful…

First off, work was extremely slow and boring today so it went by really slow.  I went up to the hospital during my lunch break to see Shana and baby Madison.  I got to hold my tiny niece for about 30 minutes before leaving to return to work (I was not thrilled about that at all).  Once back at work, Dr. G and I had a decision to make….to fire the new girl today or give her a bit longer.  We decided to go ahead and let her go since she really didn’t seem to be catching on and we don’t want to waste time.  I already have 3 interviews set up for tomorrow.  So the process begins again.  I HATE doing interviews.  I really do. 
After work I didnt have time to go by the hospital again.  I needed to come straight home to review a bit before tonight’s quiz on the urinary system.  I only missed one question so I’m happy with that.  We spent the remainder of class looking at the kidney models and familiarizing ourselves with the urinary structures and their functions.  I learned a couple interesting things. 
Once finally home, I watched my show New Girl and now I’m exhausted. 


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