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Blasts From the Past November 24, 2013

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The strangest thing happened last week and it has my thoughts running in circles trying to make sense of it.
I have had 3 serious boyfriends in my life, all of which are named Matt (not by choice).  Within 4 days i heard from 2 of them just out of the blue. 
Matt #2 sent me a facebook message last sunday.  He started off by complimenting me and then congratulating me on becoming an aunt.  Then he went on to tell me that he regrets the way he treated me in the past and I never deserved that.  This partly surprised me because it has been so long (6years) since I was with him, yet he does ccomment occasionally on my posts or pictures and sends me game/page requests sometimes.  It’s nice knowing that he has changed and isn’t out there doing the same thing to someone else. 
Then on wednesday, after work when I checked my phone I noticed I had received another facebook message but from Matt #1 (my longest boyfriend)  He simply apologized and told me that he is sorry for any negative effects he had on my life or the lives of my family.  That was definitely surprising.  Our relationship ended 8 years ago and he has since gotten married and had a daughter.  Maybe after all that he has finall decided to grow up a bit.
I just think it is so odd how both of them decided to contact me after all this time.  I really do appreciate the apologies and I’m happy to know that they care enough to regret how they treated me but why now?  Why at the same time?  I can’t help but think that maybe there is some meaning behind it that i need to find.  Probably not.  It’s most likely just a coincidence. 
The part that really sucks is that out of those three boyfriends I’m still in love with one of them and of course that is the one I didn’t hear from.  Why would he contact me?  The roles are reversed with him and I…he was the one who was wronged.  I hope that one day he might give me a chance to apologize.