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Pisces horoscope for Nov 27 2013 November 27, 2013

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Pisces horoscope for Nov 27 2013
You have tried as hard and gone as far as you think you can with a certain goal. From where you stand it may appear that you haven’t gotten very far, despite your dedication and effort. But your perspective is skewed, Pisces. You aren’t seeing your accomplishment objectively. Before you throw in the towel, ask a trusted friend or loved one for their opinion on your progress. You may be quite surprised by how much admiration others have for you. You may not have gotten what you want yet, but you are very close. Don’t give up.

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It does feel as though I haven’t gotten anywhere with my situation.  I have tried so hard to change and grow and improve but how is Matt supposed to see that in me if he never sees or talks to me? We all know what my ultimate goal is and it seems so far out of reach but I would walk through hell just for another chance to be with him.  I’m to the point now that even a friendship with him would make me happy.  Of course I wouldn’t give up there but it would be progress.  I don’t care how long it takes.  Adam and Nick tell me all the time never to give up because they know how in love I am with him.  They are his friends before mine so why would they say that if they dont think its possible?  After all this time, I’m still holding on so tightly…that has to count for something right? 


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