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Today November 27, 2013

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Today has been pretty busy.  I knew it would be a crazy day at work so I brought donuts, oj and chocolate milk to work for everyone.  I had been dreading today’s work schedule but it ended up going smoothly.  Of course constantly repeating myself and having the other girls still not do what I ask of them gets quite annoying and I have to lecture them sometimes but thats just part of being in charge.  I think we all did pretty well today though considering the schedule was more than booked up. 
School was good as well.  It was microbiology tonight. My teacher was impressed by how many answers I knew during the lecture.  Of course that’s because I had already learned it in my A&P class but its good that I’m actually remembering the things I’ve learned. 
After class one of my really good friends Friedhaber came over to visit us.  He lives in Delaware so I don’t get to see him often.  A couple other friends came by and we all played the game Cards Against Humanity which is like Apples to Apples but with more adult content.  It’s a hilarious game!
My friend Adam also texted me today.  I haven’t heard from him lately.  We’ve both been so busy.  Recall that he is the one who came to check out my car, helped kacy and I move and he’s also friends with matt.  I told him about how Matt text me back on his birthday.  He was excited for me and told me to never give up.  I also plan to send Matt another message tomorrow since it is Lukeypoo’s birthday.  Adam wished me luck and told me to let him know how it goes. 
I’m in bed now and my eyes are starting to burn because I need sleep. 
I wonder what tomorrow will bring.


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