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Loneliness November 28, 2013

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I’m sitting at home alone; there’s no one to call.  Megan is on her way back from Baltimore, Kacy is working til 10, and Nicholii is currently getting drunk.  I hate being alone with no one to talk to.  I feel like such a loser at times.  But I’d rather have very few friends that be friends with the people I used to spend so much time with.  Maybe I’ll order chinese food and watch movies.  I’m in a sad mood so I don’t feel like moving.  Today is Luke’s birthday.  I miss that dog so much!  I wish I could be there with him right now but of course I can’t.  I wonder if he misses me or if he thinks I abandoned him or if he even remembers me.  I sent Matt a text message asking him to please give Luke a big hug and kiss from me for his birthday.  No response 😦  that put me in a depressing mood.  I was supposed to go to dinner with my friend Friedhaber tonight because he’s only in town for a few days but I can’t get ahold of him.  That would’ve been a nice distraction.  He’s such a good friend.  I hope everything is alright.  For right now my roommate’s dog Roscoe is keeping me company. 


One Response to “Loneliness”

  1. I’m sorry babe you don’t dersrve to feel this way remember I think the world of you always and forever.

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