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Work Work Work December 19, 2013

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This morning my boss had shoulder surgery.  I hope everything went well.  She was very nervous about it.  This was her first time having any type of surgery or having general anesthesia. I have been trying to calm her nerves for the past few days.  Meanwhile the office is still open and patients are being seen by the other doctors.  I usually don’t work on friday but one of the orthodontists needs some extra help tomorrow so I took today off instead.  Tomorrow I also have to look through applications and call to schedule interviews.  I have not yet let go of my latest hire but I have a feeling she won’t last much longer.  She has a real lack of focus and takes no initiative.  In this field you cannot just stand around waiting to be told what to do next.  I need someone who is eager to learn and really puts in the effort.  The other day when I sat her down to talk to her about what she needs to improve on she ignored me and was texting on her phone.  I lectured her on her phone use.  That and her work have not improved since.  When we are working on patients everyday and handling legal documents I have to be able to trust my employees or the mistakes fall on me and eventually Dr. Gokli as well.  We have had such horruble luck with applicants in the past few months and I am dreading the interview process.  I really hope that I can find a winner this time!  I have become very particular about certain things and I believe it is because I have worked with Dr. Gokli for so long.  I get frustrated when things are not done right and I have to go back and fix their mistakes.  I need to hire someone who is smart and can learn things quickly.  Wish me luck! 
Here I am sitting at home and thinking about work.  I love my job but it can be stressful at times.  Also, as difficult as she is, I still miss my boss whenever she is out of work for a couple weeks.  I hate not having that set schedule everyday.  Instead I am responsible for making sure my girls have sonething to do each day and I have to know what all of the other doctors’ schedules look like so that I can make sure to send someone to help on days they need it.  I will be relieved when she returns and I can go back to my usual schedule.  Until then I’m in search of a new assistant.


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