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My Beautiful Niece January 23, 2014

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Madison Nicole.  I love her so much already and I look forward to all of the wonderful years ahead.  I may never have a child of my own but I will be the best aunt I can be to Madi. She is only two months old yet she has grown so much and changed and learned.  It is amazing just sitting with her and watching her take in everything around her.  She is fascinated by everything.  Then there are those random long moments where she seems to stare at nothing.  My sister says it’s because she sees angels and I believe that.  I believe that she can see Sarah and Brandon and that they talk to her.  Especially Sarah.  She was so good with children and she would’ve made a great mother.
When I hold Madi it is so hard to let go.  She is a special gift sent from God for us to love and I cherish every single moment with her.  I envy my sister for the life she has…a family.  I hope that I can experience the same things one day.  I can’t help but smile every time I see my niece.  No matter how bad my day is going or how upset or tired I am….her adorable smile brightens my day.  I am so glad to have her in my life and I am really happy for my sister.  Madi is amazing and her Aunt Nikki loves her!!


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