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Bad Birthday Luck March 18, 2014

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Yesterday was my 26th birthday as well as St. Patrick’s Day.  I guess the luck of the irish was not with me this year.  I spent the first few hours of my birthday in excruciating pain and then another couple hours at the Emergency room.  It was no false alarm.  I had a kidney stone that was obstructing my right kidney.  A few tears, a couple trips to the bathroom to throw up and a lot of meds later, I was finally feeling a bit better.  Thank goodness for my dad.  He picked me up and drove me there in the snow/sleet in the middle of the night.  He is always there for me when I need him no matter what. 
I got home around 4:30 and went to sleep only to wake up 2 hours later, take more pain meds and call everyone who could come work for me.  I heard excuses like “im sick” and “I have to take my car in”  Most of them didn’t even answer the phone or bother to call back.  People just don’t care.  I was willing to find a ride there and still try to work while on strong pain meds and trying to pass a kidney stone.  I was so disappointed that no one was willing to come work.  Dr. G assured me that things would be alright without me and they would make it work.  But I still felt bad.  I guess the weather worked in their favor because a lot of patients cancelled due to the icy roads.
I passed my kidney stone in the afternoon and then I decided to still go to my birthday dinner.  All my family met at this Japanese restaurant.  I wanted to go there because I went last year for my birthday and I got a fried cheesecake which I loved.  This year I did not get that and the service was awful.  My mom complained to the manager and we will not be returning there again.  I guess I should’ve chosen Kanpai instead.  Oh well.
The rest of the evening I spent lying in my bed watching tv alone.  Another year gone and I didn’t even get to fully enjoy my one special day of the entire year.  I’m just glad i’m feeling better now and that I was able to still see my family. 


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