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Pisces horoscope for Jul 21 2014 July 23, 2014

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Pisces horoscope for Jul 21 2014
An opportunity or a dream or even a friendship that you thought would be incredibly successful has instead left you feeling disappointed and disillusioned. This may be something from the past, and you have learned to live with the letdown. But an event that occurs within the next few weeks may reignite your passion and show you that it really is possible to have what you thought you would have. Don’t let the chance pass you by, Pisces. Let it inspire you to reach for it again. Don’t stop until you have it.

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Be Do Be Do! April 9, 2014

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I just had to post this!  I love Dispicable Me 2 🙂


My Beautiful Niece January 23, 2014

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Madison Nicole.  I love her so much already and I look forward to all of the wonderful years ahead.  I may never have a child of my own but I will be the best aunt I can be to Madi. She is only two months old yet she has grown so much and changed and learned.  It is amazing just sitting with her and watching her take in everything around her.  She is fascinated by everything.  Then there are those random long moments where she seems to stare at nothing.  My sister says it’s because she sees angels and I believe that.  I believe that she can see Sarah and Brandon and that they talk to her.  Especially Sarah.  She was so good with children and she would’ve made a great mother.
When I hold Madi it is so hard to let go.  She is a special gift sent from God for us to love and I cherish every single moment with her.  I envy my sister for the life she has…a family.  I hope that I can experience the same things one day.  I can’t help but smile every time I see my niece.  No matter how bad my day is going or how upset or tired I am….her adorable smile brightens my day.  I am so glad to have her in my life and I am really happy for my sister.  Madi is amazing and her Aunt Nikki loves her!!


Oh December December 4, 2013

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I can’t believe it’s December! The semester is almost over and Christmas is right around the corner.  Wow.  Kacy and I have rearranged the living room and put up a Christmas tree right in the middle of the bay window.  It looks so beautiful from outside.  We just need to work on the indoor decor.  It’s missing a topper, tree skirt and most of the ornaments.  I can’t seem to locate those things.  It’s been a couple years since I’ve had my own tree.  I hope I still have the rest of the decorations around somewhere.  With them I’ll probably find my stocking…along with Matt’s, Luke’s & Danny’s =( 
I should’ve been studying but Kacy was already home when I got out of class and she sort of distracted me…not her fault.  I just became way more interested in eating brownies and putting up the tree with her than being stuck in my room studying.  I got some studying done afterwards and I will do some more at work tomorrow.  Our schedule is extremely slow. 
I didn’t make it to class last night because of a crucial migraine that lasted into this morning but I did go tonight.  I presented my microbiology project on the difference between human and canine oral bacteria.  I know it seems boring but compared to some of the other projects, it was actually quite interesting.  I hope I get a good grade on it.  Now all I have to worry about is my exam tomorrow.  Thank goodness I only have 1 more week left! I better get some rest.  I’m already snuggled in my bed with matt’s pillow and hoodie 🙂  Whaaaat day is tomorrow???  You got it…..HUMP DAY!


It’s A Girl! November 13, 2013

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After spending 10 long hours at the hospital today, I finally got to meet my beautiful baby niece.  She is absolutely perfect.  I fell in love right away. 
I arrived at the hospital around noon today and waited along with a group of other anxious friends and family members.  My sister had a fairly quick and uncomplicated labor.  Madison Nicole Wallace was born at 4:22pm at 6lbs 1oz & 19in long.
Right as Madison was born, Jacqueline was also admitted and is to be induced tomorrow morning.  The baby cousins will be one day apart, as origionally planned.  That is so amazing! 
I cannot express how wonderful it was to hold such a miracle in my arms.  I can hardly believe I’m now an aunt.  There are so many awesome memories ahead with her and I cannot wait to spend as much time with her as I can. 
I truly hope that one day I will be able to experience the feeling of having a child of my own.  If or when that day comes, I know my sister will be there for me just as I am here for her now. 
Today is a very special day for all our family and friends and even though it felt like we have been waiting forever for her, Madison was definitely worth the wait!
Btw she has a pretty awesome birthday as well. 11-12-13
I’m going to visit again tomorrow.  Right now I really need to rest. 


Road Trip November 8, 2013

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Right now Megan and I are on the way to Virginia Beach for a weekend away.  We are both having a rough time and the stress is really getting to us.  We randomly decided a few hours ago to pack up and drive somewhere just to get away and have a break from reality.
Instead of sitting at home dwelling on the things I cannot change, I’d much rather spend the weekend being spontaneous and having a little fun with my best friend.
I really hope this weekend is full of fun times and smiles and laughter! 


Proverbs 20:30

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I don’t think I ever posted anything about my most recent tattoo which is odd.  I’ve had it for about 5 months now.  This tattoo, like the others, means a lot to me.  None of my tattoos are pointless or were done spontaneously.  They all have special meaning and none of them would be found on the internet or in some book at the tattoo shop.  I like them to be origional and unique. 
This tattoo represents my life and the lessons I have learned.  I have had a rough past few years and I have lost so much during that time.  But I am strong willed and I will always persevere. 
I happened upon this bible verse one day and it fit me perfectly.  I wanted to get something that would relate to everything I have been going through for the past couple of years.  I’m extremely proud of myself for learning from my mistakes and working to change and become a better person.  In the process I have learned so much and grown up a great deal.  It is very true that a painful situation has made me change my ways. I am still growing and changing and trying to become the best I can be.  I hate what I did in the past and I wish that i could make it all go away but I can’t.  The only thing i can do is take responsibility for it, apologize, and learn from it to help me in the future.